February 2, 2022

Did You Know About Meat Cure?

By Lahiri

Meat cure refers to processing meat and meat products in the markets or commercial areas. While many adulterations are going on in the financial market, here are some of the real processes that are supposed to take place.

What Is It?

Meat cure is done in the meat markets to make it ready for sale and service. The meat market is a huge market with a huge audience. The meat market is estimated to make about twenty percent of the total daily sale market.

Meat is nothing but the flesh and fat of poultry and dairy animals. Cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chicken, fish are all mercilessly slaughtered, and their meat is processed to be served on grand occasions.

The animals are first used to the maximum they can be used while alive. While poultry farms are used to reproduce, and dairy animals have used for the products the parts of their bodies offer, everything is sold on the same bar after death.

The milk of cows, goats, buffaloes are collected for as long as they are alive, and they are also used to reproduce their kind. After the cow’s milking time is over and it no longer offers good quality milk or is necessary, she is moved to the slaughtering section. The same is done with the poultry animals.



After this, the animal is brought to the slaughtering counters and cut headfirst into meat collection barrels. The barrels are then washed under water to remove the blood and dirt. This raw meat is washed with force water next to get rid of its intestine and all parts that can be removed in this process.

Next, the meat is dipped and soaked in chemical solutions as preservatives and natural cleaners. This being don the meat is segregated as the chicken wings, feet, in case of chicken and as different parts according to the demand.

The segregation completes the processing, and then the meat is put o platters packed up in the nicest of the boxes and sent to the markets to be sold as priced commodities.