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January 25, 2021

Have a mind blowing smartphone in yourhand by iphone 12

By Lahiri

Apple is always known for its novel ideas and their secure applications. They have their own OS but still are standing alone in the race of Smartphone followed by many other brands. Samsung sometimes is considered as the rival of apple but many do not know that they are the manufacturer of the chips of apple but the specifications are given the apple itself. Now it time to look at the novel features of apple iphone  and iphone 12 deals at a brief view.

Retina display

This new iphone has a superb screen of 6.1 inch while the iphone 5 had only a 4 inch screen. The performance remains the same but the increase in the screen size looks better and it is now easier to play games. After using such big screens again it becomes to harder to operate with the lower end screen again. So it is good to use the iphone 12 deals that is available in the online space because you could have both your time and money to a greater extent.

OS version

It is the same in both the phones but the version is slightly updated with a14 bionic chip. And with this one the performance is increased to a 10 percent or may be sometimes it reaches a maximum of 30 percent. There is good chemistry between the processor and new OS of the iphone 12 and many of the time it works well giving the user a fabulous smart experience which only apple could provide in this world.